Customer benefits for residents living beside railway lines

Soundblock (S-block) is a trackside acoustic barrier for railways, near to trains. As the barrier is located in close proximity to the noise source, the height of the barrier need not exceed 73 cm above rail height in order to achieve the generally acceptable noise reduction of between 5-11 dB (dependent on train type).

As well as having a low impact on the surrounding environment by not blocking the view of residents along the railway, Soundblock is also a cost-effective solution in comparison to traditional, high barriers. This is because Soundblock does not require groundworks. Instead it remains stable trackside thanks to its own weight of approximately one ton per metre.

When a barrier is placed in close proximity to passing trains, the soundwave rebounds between the barrier and train a number of times This is why we utilise an extremely innovative and efficient sound absorbent material manufactured from glass and flint (Vitrumit absorbent), which converts soundwaves into heat, thereby reducing noise.

At Z-bloc Norden, we have been developing and manufacturing trackside barriers since 1999. Since then we have delivered many kilometres of trackside barriers to 35 different sites, including the Bothnia line (5 km) and SL, Greater Stockholm regional transport (10 km). Our barriers are also used in other countries. In Norway, 7 km of trackside barriers are in place between Sandnes and Stavanger, while in Finland several shorter stretches have been installed. In Germany, Deutsche Bahn have laid the groundwork for the future with a pilot project with Z-bloc (trackside barriers), with the intention of putting large quantities of our barriers into service in the coming years. With Sweden’s 40 or so stretches of trackside barriers, we are several years ahead of other European countries. We here at Z-bloc Norden are naturally pleased and proud to be one of the driving forces behind this development.

Blends in to the surroundings

Minimum impact on the environment

Does not obscure the view

Simple to remove

Effective acoustic absorption using Vitrumit

Noise is contained beneath the train