For contractors and architects

As a contractor, acoustic barriers are perhaps not always the most interesting part of a large railway project. However, acoustic barriers are an important element in infrastructure expansion, reducing the negative environmental impact on those who live along our railways. With Soundblock, the total cost of construction is only a third of that for traditional high barriers. As a landscape architect one is often attracted by the minimal environmental impact of low barriers in residential areas.

Our low, trackside acoustic barriers are place along the embankment and require no groundworks. They are also free of conductive materials. Soundblock (S-block) is therefore extremely easy to calculate. Contact us for prices, preferably providing details of the location (photographs/maps of the area and drawings of the embankment), and we will be delighted to provide you with all of the information you require to make a quick calculation.

We have acquired a good deal of experience regarding preparatory work and assembly of our barriers. We would be more than happy to place this expertise at your disposal in order to make your work as cost-effective as possible while achieving the optimal result. Please see the Railway Operators page for more information.

When it comes to tendering purely for acoustic barriers, we are always on the lookout for partners.

Simple footings and construction:


1.Excavate 20 centimetres of embankment.
2. Line with geotextile fabric. (Foam if necessary)
3. Fill with crushed rock.


5. Assemble the seal and lift the Soundblock into place.


4. Tamp until the surface is even.


6. Check the distance from the track.
7. Complete

Acoustic barrier assembly and construction:

Soundblock is manufactured in fibre reinforced concrete with a moulded absorbent comprised of Vitrumit (glass and flint)